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Pick Your Own Paint Project Options

12" ($34) and 15" ($42)Lazy Susan

Memo Boards/Christmas Card Holder
chicken wire
3"x36" $48

Blanket Ladder.jpg
Blanket Ladder 77(ish x20ish)
Large and Small Lantern.jpg
Address Box.jpg

Address Box
29"x8" $54

Large 26"x11" & Small Lantern14"x8" (choose 1 or both)
Lg. Only$48 Sm. Only $32 Both $72

Too hot to handle casserole carrier.jpg

Too hot to handle casserole dish holder $34

Wooden caddy/ centerpiece box
19"x6" choose macramé or metal drawer handles $38

Paper towel grill caddy $42

Decorative Shelf.jpg

Decorative Shelf 26.5" x6": $48

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