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Instructions for 
Make n Take

Here is where you will find instructions for
Make n Take you receive from our store.  

Free Small Business Saturday Ornament

  1. Use your q-tip to paint your wood slice on one side.  Don’t use too much paint.  Let that dry.

  2. Once it is dry take the back off of the vinyl word JOY be sure to make sure it stay on the clear transfer paper.  

  3. Put the Joy on the ornament wood slice rub the transfer paper with a gift card or credit card to help the words stay down.

  4. Carefully pull off the transfer paper leaving the word JOY on the wood slice.

  5. Thread the sparkly jute through the whole.  Place the bead through it as well and tie the top so you have a nice hanger for the ornament.  

  6. Tie on the ribbon and trim the ends so they look nice.

  7. Hang your ornament somewhere nice and on a Christmas Tree and Enjoy.



Thank you, we hope to see you at a class soon.

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